Watch as Amy opens her front door, the two police officers storm in and Amy says, “You cannot come in.” The woman police officer says to her, “Then you have to come out!” To which Amy walks forward, and both the police officers grab her arms; you can hear the male police officer shouting forcefully as he arrests Amy, “Do not resist arrest! Do not resist arrest!”

THE WORDS THEY USE FOR THEIR REASON TO ARREST HER: “For perverting the course of justice.” But her only crime: Saying to her assailant: “Have a gay day!”

THIS IS SUCH SHAMEFUL ACTION WHICH THE POLICE DID TO A LADY CALLED AMY WHOSE ONLY CRIME WAS, saying, “Have gay day” to a man who verbally attacked her in a car park.

The incident happened while Amy, who is in her mind fifties and walks with a cane, was in a car park and a man approached her.

According to Amy ‘s Testimony this man had recognised Amy from a You Tube Video which she uploaded; this guy, who was a gay activist took issue with Amy and started being verbally aggressive towards her, accusing her of something. He put his face into Amy’s face and Amy asks him to step back; instead he steps forward and pushes his finger into her face. And then, Amy defends herself by pushing him away using one or two arms. Then as he walks off Amy says to him, “Have a gay day!”

This same man then went to the police and made a complaint that he was a victim of a “homophobic hate crime.” But with their pretext of “conspiracy to pervert the course of justice” two police officers then called at her home 8.50 a.m. on a Tuesday morning – a male and a female officer. Amy felt compelled to open her front door because the female police officer said to her that if she didn’t open the door they would have to force it open. Amy thought that she didn’t want her front door damaged and besides she didn’t think that the police would pay for any damages, so she felt compelled to open the door; and as soon as she did, the policeman storms in and Amy shouts, “You are not coming in!” Then the policewoman is heard to say, “Then you will have to come out.” And then that’s when we hear the policeman shouting, “Do not resist arrest! Do not resist arrest!” So Amy was arrested forcefully and had to spend the morning in police custody, and some of that time in a police cell.

She left the prison later in the day, but had been charged with a “hate crime, a homophobic hate crime.” As you can watch from the Video I have posted. Please watch the Video and judge for yourselves the truth of this case.

As for me, it is yet more evidence that the U.K. Establishment including the U.K. police force are more interested and zealous about prosecuting what they class as “hate crimes” than catching and prosecuting the real criminals, when a lady called Amy  is the victim, while the one who caused the trouble is the one who is protected more and listened to; and even in the police’s zeal and desire to prosecute their self-perceived and self-contrived “hate crimes” they make up crimes or projects crimes onto an innocent person; for example, Amy could not really be blamed with a hate crime when she was in the position of being attacked; the truth is, the police wanted a pretext for her arrest because she had challenged the police in Hyde Park.

And as Amy says in this video, they were only interested in one thing when they interviewed her witness – did Amy use one or two arms to defend herself against the man in the car park; and when he said “Two hands” they thought they had got the pretext for arresting her  that they had been looking for – “assault” – in other words they construed that Amy had committed the crime of “assault” and because Amy had asked the witness of the incident in the car park to be her witness, the police arrested her for “conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.” So they had their pretext for her arrest and silencing.

They were looking for a pretext for getting to Amy, as prior to this case, she had been on the Police Force’s “radar” because of the way she had challenged two or more police officers when she asked them why they hadn’t arrested Muslims who were praying in Hyde Park, which as you can see from this Video, she knew better than them as she knew it was against the rules of royal parks; but the police officer she spoke at first denied it was against the park rules, and then said that they were allowed to pray because they were not encroaching on the right of way; and also that he was just acting on his orders, which he said he doesn’t question.

And so, later after the incident in the car park, all they were interested in getting was finding a pretext to arrest Amy so as to scare her enough that she wouldn’t do what she did in challenging the police in Hyde Park that time.

Watch the following Video of her challenging the police in Hyde Park.

My goodness!  Is this the sick society we have become when police are now agents of political correctness, even if it means the person or victim is arrested and not the perpetrator? Just like in Tommy Robinson’s case – the Establishment are more interested in protecting, charging and prosecuting the reporter of the crime than the perpetrator – well that’s what it seems like when police spend more resources on “victims of hate crime” rather than the real trouble makers, as is shown in Amy’s case when the police arrested her on “trumped up charges.” It means hate crime has become more important than asault.  

This case reminds me so much of Tommy Robinson’s case when the police were also looking for a pretext to arrest Tommy, as he was upsetting the Establishment when exposing these alleged “rape-grooming” gangs by predominantly Muslim gangs.

And if you don’t believe me, watch for yourself and judge for yourselves whether this is more evidence that the U.K. and U.K. Police Force have become agents, unwittingly or not, of the State who are trying their best to try and hide the extent of these horrific pedophile rape gangs.

Last week there was an article in the Daily Mail which, as has been usually reported in the tabloid British newspapers, reporting that Tommy is an extreme-right activist and anti-muslim and since Tommy broke the law of breaching his terms of suspended sentence, he deserved his sentence. For years the British press have painted Tommy with  a the brush of “racist.” But the truth is, as he himself has said, some of his friends are Muslim and he has in recent years tried to work with the Muslims who believe in Mohammed’s pre-Mecca faith before he became a man of violence. 

Actually, if the truth be known in the Topsy-turvey world we are living  today, it is the British Government and the entire Establishment who have become racist  in their fear of offending “black people” or “brown people,” or non-whites. The Establishment have become racist because they are cowards controlled by the fear that if they call out the Muslims or dark skinned people this is politically incorrect and they will be accused of being “a bigot” and “racist” and so they prefer to protect these individuals who are alleged of horrific crimes to predominantly white children.  Imagine if these so called “rape grooming” gangs had been white people who were alleged, do you think they would of received the same reporting gagging orders? Of course not! And that means they are the ones who are “racist ” in the worst sense. Because the Establishment do not want to be embarrassed with the way they have tried to hide their fear of being called “biggoted” and their crimes of denial and even, in some cases, complicity in these monstrous crimes, so evil and cowardice people at the top of the Government, the police, the judiciary, social services, local councils and the Media are all willing partners, directly or indirectly, in the biggest pedophile sex scandal to rock the Western world. These terrible and horrific crimes perpetrated on the most vulnerable of our society: in many cases, pretty young white girls who were lacking a father, who belonged to a one-parent family, where these girls were lonely; and when these Muslim men offered them “a good time” and lots of attention and partying, “they were like sitting ducks.” And let’s not forget that when these men read their “Holy Quran,” it teaches that when they invade an infidel settlement or nation of infidels, the captive men can be justifiably killed, unless they turn to Islam,while the daughters and wives can be taken as their sex-slaves.  And the truth is, these cases highlight the British Government’s failings of the last fifty years of allowing individuals and people into our country from cultures and the religion of Islam who follow the Quran that teaches one way of Islam’s world dominance is through mass immigration.

I am sure you remember the case of Rolf Harris who was jailed a few ago for pedophile rape cases against girls.We can say that his case was similar to these pedophile rape cases in that they both involve children. But because Rolf Harris is a white man, he is treated differently. Look at the Media and reports surrounding his case in court. During his proceedings there were reports of almost every detail of his case in almost every nightly bulletin and in almost every tabloid newspaper. Inside and outside his court, there were many reporters taking pictures of Rolf Harris and trying to build a profile of him. Go online and look because during his case proceedings there were many reports circulating. And do you think that is fair when these so called “rape-grooming” gang cases are given gagging orders for the sake of not prejudicing their cases? In Rolf Harris’s case, even though there is more than a chance these could have prejudiced his case, there was no gagging order – WHY?

Because he was a white man and the British Establishment are racist – racist towards white people because they don’t treat them the same.But so as not to be accused of racism against minority groups they put a reporting gaging order on the Media from reporting or bringing to light the full extent of these horrific pedophile crimes because they have also let these crimes go on for up to 40 years – they have hidden them u from the public eye – and now they are too ashamed to bring them to light, including police officers who don’t want to tell on their collegues.And the truth is because of Political-correctness, or because to accuse a Muslim or a Muslim gang of crimes, the Establishment including individuals were afraid to be labelled “a racist.”The truth is our Western culture – especially in our British “well-mannered” and “developed culture” is so controlled by Political-correctness, the Establishment are more afraid to be accused of racism than be accused of facilitating pedophile rape gangs; so they are more concerned about protecting the rights of these Muslim pedophile gang members than the rights of the hundreds of thousands of young girls whose lives were destroyed.And that’s why on the 25th May, a reporter, Tommy Robinson, was arrested, tried, convicted and placed in prison in the space of three hours, because the Establishment view him as a threat to their horid secrets, and so they are more concerned about protecting these pedophile rape gangs than protecting rhe rights of Tommy Robinson. The truth is the Western World have become “too developed.”In other words, it is too *well-mannered” to expose the evils of Islam because they do not want to be accused of “racism.” Which, if you think about it, is an anomaly since the Islam faith is a religion – an ideology not a race. A FAITH THAT REFUSES TO ASSIMILATE INTO OUR CULTURE AND ARE PUBLICALLY PROCLAIM-ING IN THEIR REGULAR DEMONSTRATIONS AND MARCHES IN WESTERN CITIES THAT, “ISLAM WILL DOMINATE THE WORLD!” 

And just because one white man tries to bring to the attention of the public these pedophile grooming-for-rape gangs which have committed pedophile crimes on, in some estimates, up to a million girls, and their common denominator, which is Islam, he is treated differently from when a siek reporter reported and didn’t use the word “alleged” pedophile defendants while Tommy Robinson was careful to use the word, “alleged” but he was the one who was arrested and sent to prison because he represents the majority of our country, Britain and England: a white working class man.



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