By Chris Briscoe
Posted Tuesday, 29 May.



Because the British Establishment have decided that it is politically expedient of them to protect these Islamists who rape innocent white girls rather than protect the victims. Because the Establishment knows that it is the Muslims of Britain who are far more likely to bomb British Cities, Stadiums, and British shopping centers, rather then these innocent white girls or white people.

Therefore, on Friday, 25th May, Tommy Robinson was arrested by seven police officers while he was just doing a live-stream on the case in Leeds Crown Court, where 29 individuals alleged of being a pedophile “grooming for sex” gang were appearing. He was merely trying to get a camera shot of the 29 as they walked to court, and was reading out the names of the 29 from a BBC website.

During the police arrest of Tommy, one officer said to him, “Do you understand why we are arresting you?” To which Tommy replied, “No, can you explain again?” The police officer said that he was arresting him for “breaching the peace.”

While the police officers physically pushed and took Tommy to their van, his cell phone was removed from him, and his pockets were forcefully emptied.

As Tommy climbed the steps into the van he turned to his friend who was among the officers and said,
“Please,George, get me a solicitor, cause I’m on a suspended sentence, you see.”

These were the last words of Tommy as he was bundled into a police van. His arrest and subsequent sentence of 13 months was within hours,while Islamist pedophiles are given years to prepare court cases with their lawyers.

The reason why Tommy said he was on a suspended sentence was because of another case in which he had been reporting on, which was another pedophile case that had been placed with what is called a “D-notice” by the Authorities, which forbids any any journalist from reporting, with the threat of a prison sentence like given to Tommy.

Regarding the reason given for Tommy’s arrest: If you watch the Video Tommy live-streamed on You Tube, Tommy was not being a public nuicance or a breach to the peace but was just reporting facts that were already in the public domain. He was filming with his own camera-phone with a friend. This is obviously a “pretex.”

The case involving the 29 individuals was also under a “D-notice” which means a gagging order issued by a judge or Government to stop any journalist reporting on the case. These are usually given by judges to protect the accused, when they think public reporting by possible “biased” reporters might sway the jury – but in this case, to apply such a reason is highly suspect, and the truth is the authorities are highly embarrassed at these scandals coming to light, especially when for years the police, the Judicial, the Government and the Media have been trying to ignore and hide the truth. The truth is the British Establishment have chosen to be complicit with these perpetrators and try and hide this scandal because they feel it is safer to help the Muslims and defend them rather then help those who question what the Muslim’s activities are – pure sex-pedophile crimes against young children, which, importantly is encouraged by the Koran, for their prophet, Mohammed had sex with an eleven or twelve year old, as recorded in Islamic history.

These so called “grooming for sex” hundreds of cases have only been exposed by journalists like Tommy – in fact – he was among the first to expose them in other cities where they have been rampant involving hundreds of thousands teenage and younger, “sex slaves.” In British Cities – for example, in Rotherham, in Telford.

One thing is for sure: this network of pedophile crimes are linked by Muslims and there is a recognisable pattern, but you can hardly investigate these crimes because there are these gagging orders in place.

From 2007, these henious crimes perpetrated to children as young as eleven were reported to the police, but for reasons given above, and also because the U.K. Police Force is controlled by political correctness and do not want to be accused of racism, their complaints fell on deaf and even complicit ears!

Anyway, the truth is, Tommy Robinson was and is a threat to the Establishment and they don’t want to be embarrassed by him, anymore. Therefore, it looks indeed like that order to arrest Tommy on the pretex of “breaching the peace” was construed, not by Constables, but by a member of the Government.

Tommy was driven later that day to a Court where the Judge QC Geoffrey Marsel Q.C.(Q.C. =Queen’s Council ) was presiding. Tommy’s lawyer was not present so the Court had to provide their own lawyer for Tommy, but there was no arguments back and forth, just the judge issuing the verdict of 13 years in jail, for contempt of court, which relates to a previous case which I mentioned just now, that Tommy had been reporting on, which was also about pedophiles and also has a gagging order on it.


Today, 31st May, the restriction on reporting about Tommy’s case has been lifted so we are free to probe this case; what has come to light is the admission by the judge, Geoffrey Marson, that during the sentencing or prior to, he only saw the footage for a few seconds, which Tommy had streamed outside the Leeds court dealing with 29 alleged pedophiles.Yet, if you watch the full stream as I have, you will see that Tommy uses the word, “alleged” offenders; and one thing is sure: he was not in any way a breach of the peace.

And then, after Tommy was sentenced, he was taken to Her Majesty’s Hull Prison, in Hull.

After issuing the order to send Tommy to prison for 13 months the Judge Geoffrey Marsel QC also placed another gagging order – a reporting restriction – and this time for anyone reporting on this case of Tommy Robinson.

So all of these occurrences reveal to us that the U.K. has now become a Police State who have arrested an innocent person whose only “crime” was telling the truth on and reporting about the most horrid evil monsters that are manifesting themselves in this twentieth-first century, for which the British Government want to deny it’s there, and which Tommy Robinson’s “crime” was telling the British public what is happening, so that we can protect our daughters in the future from these Islamic inspired monsters. It is terribly shameful to see what one my country, which was once a bastion of free speech and justice, become a police state in comparison with Russia, now that they also have their own political prisoner – Steven Lennon, alias Tommy Robinson.

Please pray for Tommy Robinson’s safety.

And please help the following American media outlet, “The Rebel Media”, which has a branch in London, employ their own Lawyer in the U.K. to challenge this Orwellian state gagging order. Their website is below.

By Chris Briscoe.
Who is deeply concerned about the safety of Tommy and praying for his protection.

Can I ask you to also pray for his safety, and consider supporting this lawyer at the website @ http://LETUSREPORT.COM


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