What to do when you are going crazy with Boredom. By Chris Briscoe, written at his home on Saturday, 25th November, 2017

We all suffer the angst of boredom from time to time – you know that time when you have no idea about what to do; you are just sitting on your hands or twiddling your fingers, or the classic response is just to give a huge “Sigh!” and look down at your nails to see if they need cutting, for that would be one idea to kill the excitement-pangs.  But hopefully, here I can lead you to much more exciting activites to get excited about and blow all those boredom cobwebs away.


If you enjoy writing a yarn or two, or you are an avid student or teacher of anything English – both literature or grammer, then take a look at these ideas which I hope will definetely get your brain neurons firing on some cylinders, and hopefully get your excitement -hunger pangs moving.


Of course, the obvious is, if you like to read,  pick up a book on a subject you enjoy – otherwise, how about try writing a book?



If you have a skill you want to share with the world and you know there are some people who need your expertise, then go ahead and share something non-fiction then self-publish it – you might even make some money in the process!


Try just writing what is naturally spewing from your heart.  All of us have a heart – and I don’t mean the pump inside your chest – I mean all of us have a spirit, and that spirit has something going on and wants to say something meaningful to this world; especially if it’s a living spirit which was brought to life by God almighty; otherwise it will be very difficult to make a spirit speak which was dead – otherwise all you can speak is from your natural, limited self, not your greater self – don’t you agree?; well, I know some of you may disagree with my premise that there is anything called a spirit residing inside our bodies; well, that’s your perogative, but please let me tell you how I see it! If you see it differently then please let me know your response.


You don’t need to be an expert on writing because actually the art of writing is more an acquired skill rather than the popular belief that writers are born writers – which I believe is more a myth than reality; these days, with so many writers, and more than writers, apsiring writers on the internet, there are millions of people who are refining whatever basic knowledge of writing they have into a real art – and there are tens of dozen of sites willing to help you refine that knowledge into an art which other people would be willing to part their dollars for!

As Rick Riordon said, “Writing is like a sport. If you don’t practice, you don’t get any better.”

What I mean is this: in this day when the internet and blogging articles and sharing across different platforms has matured, it means we are living in an era which is the most exciting time for both aspiring writers and already established writers.

So give it a go – and when I say give it a go – I don’t mean try and then see – and if you find out it doesn’t work on day two or six, give up; no, I mean, you need to hear the warning that it takes a lifetime – or if you are lucky, a half a lifetime to really refine that knowledge into a real art and become an establish and payed writer.  In this writing business you need to write, write some more, practise, practise and practise, be patient, let your thoughts gush forth onto paper, edit later, and share your blogs, and keep refining your rubbish writing into words that people will one day queue up for your book signings of your book they bought.

And if I was to give you two tips, it would be,

  1. don’t try and be a perfectionist on your first sitting – but just write what comes or spills forth from your heart, and you don’t need to do the editing – because you can do that later – it’s important you just let out all that heaped up thoughts – that’s right – let it all out what has been in your heart for years – you may even find it’s very therapeutic!
  2. Look and search on the Internet and learn how you can write fiction and non-fiction self-published books, which you can upload and make your own e-book onto some really cool self-publishing sites; and the good news is there are some which are free, which if you sign up to their basic plan they allow you to self-publish your book and even market it free.

But just sit down and write, and keep writing whatever is in your heart – just let your heart speak from the bottom of your heart – let it all spew out – all that truth and experience or even humour, or whatever emotions needs to come out and be shared, but keep it clean and worthwhile (meaningful for your readers, including you, beneficial and edifying) which has been locked inside – and you may even find that rather than spew out, it comes out like a psunami!


The important thing which William Wodsworth said, is “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”


Wiliam Wordsworth also said these words on poetry but it can be just as well be applied to prose, “Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility.”

So go ahead and write because there is ample stuff inside your heart to give others a day’s full of joy, and even peace.

Written by me, Chris Briscoe, who was inspired after reading the following quotation.


I will sign off with that worthwhileWordsmith, Wordsworth again, “We have within ourselves Enough to fill the present day with joy, And overspread the future years with hope.

William Wordsworth


Blog By Chris Briscoe who is also an Apologist at heart, of whose Blogsite on matters more spiritual is at:






  1. Hi Chris! You offer solid advice, thanks. You may want to shorten your headline for greater SEO optimization. “What to do …. crazy w/boredom” is sufficient. Delete the “by Chris Briscoe section”. Readers see your name and the date on their screens. Hope this helps!

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